Toyota Key Fob Programming

Woman reaching for the door of a 2020 Toyota RAV4
Your Toyota key fob controls function like your power locks and doors, trunk lock/unlock, and may even allow for keyless entry if you have the Toyota Smart Key system on your new Toyota. Here at Wesley Chapel Toyota, we want to make sure you always have use of those advanced accessories to ensure the most seamless Toyota drives throughout Wesley Chapel. In the following guide, we’ll outline the steps to Toyota key fob programming as well as how to do a quick Toyota key fob battery replacement or order a Toyota key replacement. Read on below.

Toyota Keyless Entry System

Some new Toyota models come with the Toyota keyless entry system. This keyless fob allows you to perform any of the normal functions that come with operating a vehicle just by carrying the key on your person or in your bag. The Toyota keyless entry system uses wireless technology to “recognize” when the key and your vehicle are within close proximity to each other, allowing you to start the car, lock and unlock your doors, and other functions. See how the Toyota keyless entry system works below:

  • When you approach your locked vehicle with your keyless remote, all you need to do is grip the door handle. The system will detect the key and unlock the vehicle for you.
  • When you sit inside your vehicle with your keyless remote, the engine will be ready to start after just a few seconds. All you need to do is press the brake and the “Start/Stop” button to start your vehicle. 

Included in the Toyota keyless entry system is a safety system that makes it impossible to lock your keys inside your car. If you happen to leave your keyless remote inside your vehicle and try to press the “lock” button on your door handle, an alert will sound to notify you that your keys are still within the vehicle and you won’t be able to lock your doors until you retrieve them. 

How to Open a Toyota Key Fob

If your Toyota key fob has suddenly stopped working, then you most likely need a battery replacement. To do this, you’ll have to learn how to open a Toyota key fob to access the battery and replace it. In newer Toyota models, you can open a Toyota key fob by removing the hidden metal key and inserting it into a slot specifically meant to open the case. On older Toyota remotes, you’ll need to insert a tool like a flat-blade screwdriver, a penny, or a paperclip into the notch at the bottom of your key fob. Turn your tool clockwise until it pops open, then follow the instructions below:

  1. Lift the circuit board to reveal the battery after you’ve opened the case. 
  2. Take a note (or a picture) of what kind of battery it is and how it sits in the case. Most Toyota key fobs use a CR2032 battery. These batteries are widely available in Lakeland stores and online. 
  3. Once you have a battery replacement, use your notes or picture to properly place the battery inside of your key fob and close it, snapping the case back together.  
  4. Test your key fob to make sure it’s working properly. If your vehicle doesn’t respond, open the case again and readjust the battery, making sure the connections are clean and they’re making contact with the battery. If the key fob still doesn’t work, you may need to reprogram your Toyota key fob.

Toyota Key Fob Programming Process

If you’ve recently purchased a new Toyota, or a Toyota key replacement or duplicate, you’ll need to perform the Toyota key fob programming to get it properly synced to your vehicle. Here are the steps for a successful Toyota key fob programming that you can do right in your Tampa driveway:

  1. Get into the driver’s seat of your Toyota. Ensure all the doors are closed.
  2. Turn your key in the ignition from “off” to “on.”
  3. Turn your key in the ignition from “off” to “on again within five seconds.
  4. Remove your key from the ignition.
  5. Within 40 seconds, close and open the driver’s door twice.
  6. Insert and remove the key from the ignition one more time.
  7. So long as you’ve done this within 40 seconds, your door locks should engage to indicate a successful Toyota key fob programming!

Get Toyota Key Fob Help at Wesley Chapel Toyota

If you’ve tried Toyota key fob programming and a Toyota key fob battery replacement and your device still won’t work, you need a full Toyota key replacement. Not to worry! Just contact our parts department and we’ll get your new key ordered right away. For more help with your Toyota fob or to learn how the Toyota Smart Key can make your St. Pete drives better, reach out to us.

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