Toyota Lease Return Center

Step 1. Required Vehicle Inspection (at no cost)

  • Forty-five to sixty days prior to the end or your lease, a representative from DataScan Field (Data Scan) will contact you to schedule a complimentary vehicle inspection. This vehicle inspection can take place at a location that is convenient for you, whether that is your home, place of business, or another location.
  • The inspector will provide you with an estimate of any additional charges you might be facing due to excessive wear and use.

Step 2. Contact Wesley Chapel Toyota

  • Wesley Chapel Toyota’s knowledgeable service department can service your vehicle and be a cost-effective way to repair your vehicle.
  • Hold on to your receipts to present as confirmation that repairs were made.

Step 3. Schedule Your Turn-In Appointment

  • After any necessary repairs have been completed, you will contact Wesley Chapel Toyota to schedule your turn-in appointment.

Step 4. Turn in Your Vehicle

  • Bring all keys, alarm system key fobs, owner’s manual, spare tire, and a third seat (if applicable) to your turn-in appointment.

Step 5. Complete Your Lease Obligations

  • Sign and return the Odometer Statement that was mailed to you by Southeast Toyota Finance, a self-addressed stamped envelope will be included; or you can print your Odometer Statement here.
  • If you had any repairs completed prior to turning in the vehicle, please include those receipts when mailing back the Odometer Statement. Make sure the receipt copies you send are legible, so your account can be properly credited. Please write your VIN on Southeast Toyota Finance Account Number on each receipt.
  • Call Southeast Finance at 1-866-531-4986 to confirm the vehicle turn-in and the ending mileage.

For more information, look through our Frequently Asked Questions or call Wesley Chapel Toyota

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